M 5.3, southern Qinghai, China

32.428°N 95.932°ESunday, June 26, 2011 07:48:16 UTC
Sunday, June 26, 2011 03:48:16 PM at epicenter

Depth: 24.80 km (15.41 mi)

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Is your family prepared for an M 5.3, southern Qinghai, China earthquake? Preparedness experts recommend that area families be equipped to survive up to 72-hours without public services in case of emergency. The simplest way to meet this minimum requirement is with a 72-Hour Survival Kit which will meet your family’s food, water, shelter, first-aid, light, heat, sanitation and communication needs.

Read the United States Geological Survey’s full report on this earthquake activity at M 5.3, southern Qinghai, China. An important part of the USGS mission is to maintain and improve comprehensive earthquake monitoring in the United States with focus on “real-time” systems. The earthquake information above is preliminary and this event may not yet have been reviewed by a seismologist.

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