News Video: OSHA Begins Probe Of Erie Middle School Explosion

This video news report from KMGH ABC Denver:
8/2 5 pm — The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the workplace explosion that injured three plumbers at Erie Middle School. Lance Hernandez reports.

Report text as determined by voice-to-text, if available: Today.. About the explosion that left this gaping hole in the roof of erie middle school yterday afternoon and seriously injured some workers. 7news reporter lance hernandez digging into the accident in erie. Lance… Osha now involved in this case… Reporter: osha officials won’t talk about the investigation until it’s complete… But an agency official told me they are looking into this accident. One of the things they’ll look at is whether proper safety procedures were followed. ((as a plumbing contractor was lighting the water heater… That was when the explosion occured.)) the explosion ripped a hole in the roof of the gym at erie middle school. You can still see part of it jutting up into the air. The gym is still off limits… Until investigators can talk to the injured workers to find out where they were… And whether they smelled natural gas. ((should they have contacted xcel energy? You know… That’s a good question. I know that our fire investigators are working on that as well.)) laura mcconnell of mountain view fire rescue says plumbers are generally qualified to work with hot water heaters… But she adds that sometimes experts run into situations they don’t anticipate. ((we heard this giant explosion.)) philippe bryant was driving by the school when the explosion occured. He says an employee in the building told him there is a lot of pressure to get the construction work done before school starts. ((i’ve heard there are sometimes screaming matches… You know… Hurry it up… Get it done… Get it done.)) that claim may be something that investigators look into. School officials say they can’t answer questions about the investigation. They say even they can’t get into the gym to assess the damage… And that until they do… They can’t say how much it will cost to repair… Or whether it will be done in time for the first day of school in two weeks. Reporter: the west side of that middle school still part of a major reconstruction project. Three people were injured, one released, one in critical

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